Hospitality Consulting Services

NILE Hospitality is a new-age hospitality consulting firm offering specialized services to clients across the Asia Pacific region. Our diverse team of Hotel consultants in India has over 25 years of experience in different hospitality sectors and has gained a lot of expertise during this time.

The founding partners of NILE Hospitality are a reputed firm that provides the best Hospitality Consulting Services in India and advisors to the world's leading hospitality brands. We have successfully advised, assisted, and nurtured the leadership teams of some of the world's best-known brands across a multitude of industries ranging from hotels and resorts to airports, airlines, and cruise lines.

NILE Hospitality archives its singular goal to provide best-in-class solutions and expertise to all stakeholders of the hospitality industry through its focused, empathetic and innovative approach. By offering an entire spectrum of services that are practical and tangible value-adds for clients, NILE Hospitality strives to eliminate the need for several different advisors.

Property Development

Experienced Nile Hospitality team members can assist with integral stages from site selection to property development; in addition to Brand selection and fair agreement terms.

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