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Success of a hotel depends on the efficient management of its operations. The smooth and efficient running of a hotel affects more than just the bottom line. Guest safety and satisfaction, as well as compliance with local authority regulations, are only a few of the many components affected.

Finance and Accounting

Financial health is the foundation of any business. At Nile Hospitality, the consistent focus is assured to maintain high-performance revenues and the savings.

Technical Services

Hospitality technology is constantly evolving. We help ensure that hotels that are Franchise are Brand Compliant. With our assistance, hotels are able to find the most effective and efficient service.

Brand Compliance

Nile Hospitality passionately believes in the power of a brand. Whether to provide peace of mind to international travelers going to a new destination, rich loyalty benefits to frequent guests, or simply have an aspirational experience, brands have consistently been shown to impact purchase decisions.

Sales, Marketing & Revenue Management

With technology on the rise; a growing shared economy and an increasingly informative consumer, the market for guest accommodation is becoming highly competitive and fragmented. With this in mind, Nile Hospitality is focused on delivering the most heads in bed at an optimum rate, reducing the cost of sales and third-party commissions.

Human Resources and Training

At its core, hospitality is about people. With a view to recruiting, developing, and retaining the best talent, maximizing guest satisfaction, and minimizing work turnover, Nile Hospitality is able to deploy a range of resources and expertise.

Design Management

Nile Hospitality provides optimum guidance on the design and construction of Hotels across a variety of segments and star ratings. Our team can provide recommendations on the often-overlooked back-of-the-house space in order to help optimize the subsequent operation functioning of the hotel once operational.

Property Development

Experienced Nile Hospitality team members can assist with integral stages from site selection to property development; in addition to Brand selection and fair agreement terms.

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